I've started modding Left 4 Dead 2 a little. Changing the rate of fire for many of the guns. When I do that the guns really become more respectable.
I've started modding Company of Heroes. It seems that the modding team that did Eastern Front have finally released their long awaited mod. To celebrate I started balancing the game a little since the Germans are so underpowered.
The modding progress on Dungeon Siege is going really slow. I'm trying to overhaul the magic system by applying mathematical functions that increase the efficiency of the spell according to percentages. For example I might make a spell that increases with 5% more efficiency for each level in the appropriate magic attribute. Right now I'm doing resistance check spells that are supposed to compare a balance between the caster and the target. At first the scripting language seemed unable to use Square root which is essential in order to make these kinds of spells properly, but I did some research and it seems to be coded in a C++ similar language. Luckily my parents had some C++ scripting books that I browsed and managed to cope up with a great discovery.

There were functions that had the "?" and ":" symbols in them. I've studied mathematics just as long as many other adults but I have never seen these symbols in any mathematical context before. But apparently they're a C++ code that Evaluates (value = function > function ? if False : if True) I suspected this was some kind of evaluation tool but not that it produced actual results. Thankfully this allows me to make more efficient spells. Like healing spells that don't overheal and functions that uses the difference between two values and still don't go below zero.

I've been so busy with trying to mod that game that I haven't been able to update the site properly. I feel bad for leaving you guys out in the cold. :(

At least I'll try to write more blog posts about the development of this so that you get something for your troubles of checking my site now and then.
I recently found out that I can mod Dungeon Siege. It's an old game all about doing dungeons. Back in 2002 or something I tried this game as a demo and it just blew my mind. I had never seen anything like that before and it had super cool loot among kinda cool spells as well. The dungeons were despite being poorly designed pretty cool to explore. So I dusted off my old copy of Dungeon Siege and started playing. Comparing it to today's RPGs like Morrowind or even World of Warcraft... Dungeon Siege is really outdated. But the music is great, the gameplay is simplistic and it can be modded so I'm going to mod the game and mayhap I'll even release these mods.
Ahh, isn't the music just EPIC!? >:D