It took a few tries before getting it right but after some hard work I finally managed to make it right!
When making Oatballs it's very important to wait for the dough to cool off in the refrigerator before rolling them around in the pearl sugar.
And here's one of my real failures. Normally I do a lot of mistakes when baking but what I did here was very bad.
There were a couple of problems I had when making it. Firstly was that I used far too much arrack aroma in the filling. Secondly I couldn't get a good elastic property to the marzipan. Thirdly I had far too much filling into these things which I didn't realize until I was in the middle of fiddling with it. Fourthly I had far too much water in my chocolate dipping so it became just like Oboy.

Thankfully I managed to salvange it by cooking the chocolate and making sure to whip it enough. The result of the chocolate became pretty good if I may say so myself. Also I could probably have done it better. I will definatley go back to this one day but it was very expensive to make this though.