Newest exploit. Today we had problems making some food. Full story in the "Read More" tag!
The consistency was truly perfect for the pie. I could cut out a slice and put it on my plater without any content dripping out at all.

So like I was writing above we had trouble making food. Only thing we had (we believed) were half a kilogram of mincemeat and little else. I was thinking of making a pizza somehow.

While we were arguing I said pie by mistake but then I thought... hey we could make mincemeat pie. Said and done. We scavenged the refridgerator and found only mincemeat and garlic. We did find black olives but they had started molding somehow (even though they were unopened and filled with vinegar). I started working on a pretty standard pie dough except having a small spoon of salt into it instead of sugar. Father cut down five garlic pieces and fried the mincemeat with it. I sent down the pie into the oven, took two eggs and and whipped them and waited for father to finish frying the mincemeat. When he was done we added chilipepper and salt together with ½ dl of flour. I also found the corn, paprika and green pea mix in the fridge along with an old cheese. I reheated the mix and started grating the cheese. Sadly the cheese were far too difficult to grate after being frozen for five months. I managed to get a little on the pie, gave up and filled it with the eggs. Also I whipped it all together into a big mess, put it on the pie and sent it back into the oven.

The end result isn't that bad, eh?

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