Deus Ex Human Revolution is an interesting game made by Edios Montreal and published by Square Enix. This trailer below shows a lot of symbolism. The first few seconds are from a famous painting, painted by the dutch painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. And from the get-go you know this is going to be an epic game. Well prepare to know how epic it really is.
Zombieland is a clear favourite of mine. It's meant to be a sort of satirical film about Zombie apocalypse films. However it doesn't satirize that much in my opinion.

Infestation is a movie that tells a "what if" story about a bug apocalypse happening to the world. Our protagonist Cooper is a fairly regular person without any talents whatsoever and he teams up with the daughter of his (now former) boss, a deaf muscle-mountain named Hugo and a couple of other good characters.

Legaia 2: Dual Saga is a Playstation 2 game developed by Prokion. I don't expect you'll expect to know who they are as they don't even have their own Wikipedia page. This game is a JRPG in which you control a single character through the game and you have the task of trying to find and destroy another evil character who wants to take revenge on humanity in favor for his own "special" race.
Never heard of Sid Meier's Pirates!? Then you have missed out! This game is the successor to Pirates! Gold that I used to play when growing up. Comparing these two games is difficult. In some ways Sid Meier really did make a much better game but he threw all the realistic and atmospheric graphics out the window while doing so. I don't think Pirates! needed to be so cartoonish. But that's a matter of opinion. Review time!

SWAT 4 is a semi-realistic FPS where you control a 4-man squad of NPCs through a series of missions. You choose their gear, entry point and head in towards the well-armed suspects.

It's a good game. (4/6)
You probably never heard of this game before. It's a RTS game which is focused on the Mafia. There are alot of stereotypes in this game. So sensitive gamers, beware. It isn't trying to be serious however - it's just trying to be fun and I really like this game.
I recently bought Evil Genius. Truth is that I've bought it before and I liked it. The game is great for people that feel that they've got a grudge against humanity for any reason and almost every single person alive would fit that description.
Ok, here's the deal. You're playing an Evil Mastermind who wants to take over the world: Maximillian. Unless you're mad, female or cannot live without Lord Kane. You have bought an uncharted island far from any countries and now you're going to take over the world. Interested?