After much anticipation the new Warlock: Master of the Arcane game shows up. It's a turn based strategy game not unlike Civilization.

Solar 2 is actually an indie title made and published by Murudai. You can find it on steam for 8.99 €. It's claimed to be causal so let us take a closer look.

Dungeons is a strategy game. You probably already know it has Kalypso as a dev or pub, so why bother? It's bad.

I usually don't show these old games. But this game is incredibly fun to play. It's considered a classic and been credited as 'the best strategy game'. It was made 1993 and plays on DOS!! Does it hold up?

Or as it's also called Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King, Ring of the Nibelungs or Sword of Xanten.

At first glance it might look like a Lord of the Ring ripoff but it has absolutely nothing to do with J.R.R Tolkien fantasy. In fact: It's based on the Saga of the Völsungs, which is a Icelandic medieval saga... No wait! It's based on the Götterdämmerung, a German opera play that is in turn based on several stories including the Saga of the Völsungs... what?

There is two Mount & Blade games. There's the first game that's named only Mount & Blade but you'll want to pick up Mount & Blade: Warbands because Warbands have all the features the original game had including new animations and new items. Also note that the video below is Warbands footage.
Mount & Blade was developed by the Turkish TaleWorlds and published by Paradox Interactive who are also known for publishing titles such as Magicka, Galactic Civilizations II and Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West. Mount & Blade is primarily a medieval sandbox game / RPG.

Deus Ex Human Revolution is an interesting game made by Edios Montreal and published by Square Enix. This trailer below shows a lot of symbolism. The first few seconds are from a famous painting, painted by the dutch painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. And from the get-go you know this is going to be an epic game. Well prepare to know how epic it really is.

I don't know why this is more and more turning into my personal blog, but just yesterday I started reading the Dragonlance series.

After starting with D&D on a PbP site I also started drawing. Right now I'm drawing by hand, scan the picture and then color and shade it on GIMP. You can find me Here! It normally takes a long time for me to get everything drawn, colored and shaded since I'm still a novice at this but if I make an effort I can make 3 of these kinda drawing in one day.

The Condemned's premise is kinda like Running Man in that there's a big show featuring criminals that have to fight in order to regain their freedom, but the plot is vastly different. In this film there's 10 criminals instead that get put on an island where they have to fight it out and the last one standing is the one to win.