I don't know why this is more and more turning into my personal blog, but just yesterday I started reading the Dragonlance series.

After starting with D&D on a PbP site I also started drawing. Right now I'm drawing by hand, scan the picture and then color and shade it on GIMP. You can find me Here! It normally takes a long time for me to get everything drawn, colored and shaded since I'm still a novice at this but if I make an effort I can make 3 of these kinda drawing in one day.

I thought I'd go for something more traditional. Here I made a Pyramid. I actually cheated and spawned around 40 Gold Blocks to use for the top but otherwise I dug up over 13000 blocks. 4000 Cobblestone, 4000 Dirt and 4000 Sand. When I told my friend he wasn't very impressed but if he'd be the one who did all that work then he'd have a different attitude. I died only once during the construction of this pyramid. Inside you got two mazes and I'm currently working on a room with special redstone challenges. The first one is a simple speed challenge. The participant is forced to walk on a plate to open a door. The signal is delayed with 2 seconds so if the player will just make it through. He have to jump over a gap as well: Further increasing the difficulty. The entrance is inside the dirt building on the right of this picture and you go below the ground to get inside and then you enter directly into the maze. The pyramid is around 68 blocks wide and 34 blocks long. It's entirely symmetrical.
Feudalism represents a system where a ruler loans lands to his inferiors (vassals) in order to pay for their services. Generally this was most often in the form of army duty, where the vassal would gather an army from the population of the land he had been given, but any resources the vassal managed to grow or find on the land was by right the ruler's property so the ruler could seize any resources from his vassal as well.
There have been ages of inactivity. This is because I started playing Fallout 2...

Who knows maybe I'll release some mods for Fallout 3 next. Although I doubt they'd actually be especially good. But I mainly focus on changing some perks and making the effects bigger depending on what perk you choose. I've also considered implementing a sophisticated loot system. That generates different kinds of loot.
A long time ago I bought a 5,1 surround system. The speakers on it broke and I bought another 5,1 system.

That's what I've got now. For the most part I haven't been able to use it because the rooms I've lived in have lacked the proper dimensions and things like that. Fairly recently I moved into a better room where I could actually utilize my surround system - but guess what, I cannot use it. Because it's too loud, oh I'm not speaking about my speaker oh no I'm speaking of the horrible subwoofer and no matter what I do I cannot shut it off!

The problem is really that I have a bedroom beside my current computer room and that makes the resident in that bedroom kinda pissed. Before I had two bedrooms below me so I made them pissed back then too. Long story short: I ended up not using my surround system and now that I can actually set up all 5 speakers and the subwoofer it turns out that the audio quality is no better than a simple 2 speaker setup. I've had headphones that had better quality than the 5,1. Sure it's supposed to be surround headphones but still.

Bottom line: 5,1 sucks ass 'cause the poor quality sound and the difficulty of finding a proper room for it.

 (-1/6) - Bane to human existence.
Up until now I've only reviewed good or average games. This is because I don't like bad games - when I've been cursed of spending my money on such a game I try my best to forget the horrible experiences they've had on me.
So, for the first time I'm going to review a bad game! I don't know why people like others reviewing bad games but I can do it too!
As the modding continues I still don't get any feedback at all. I don't know what kind of people come to my site, what they do or even if they like my stuff or what they like.

This is somewhat frustrating since I don't feel that people are enjoying my work - making the maintenance of this site seem a little pointless.

I do care for what the users are doing on my site so I'm going to ask you, the user to write a few words in the comments or report a bug (even my files cannot me 100% bugless, can they?).