This week I have been trying to upgrade my computer and let me tell you how much work it was. This upgrade process have been a long and tedious one but it's finally done. (Psst, this is gonna be a long one!)
For a year ago I bought a processor (CPU) and a Graphics Card (GPU). The CPU wouldn't work because my motherboard didn't support the CPU. The GPU didn't work because I didn't have enough power. So I had to buy a new power adapter (PSU) for my graphics card and the one I got had a capacity of 700W if I remember correctly and that's some serious shit since most power adapters usually only offers between 150W to 400W. But not only that but I also had to saw off a piece of my computer case (Chassi) which was too small to hold the graphics card. Fortunately the graphics card fit (just barely) in that space that I sawed out from my chassi. Sadly that meant that I could only mount one hard drive because I sawed off the rack that held the hard drives.
Moving on: Recently I bought a new Motherboard so that I could mount the CPU that didn't work on my earlier motherboard but now it looks like my Chassi was too small to hold that card. So I had to buy a new, big chassi for 50 €. When that was done the motherboard just wouldn't start up. We worked on that for 4 hours until I figured out that my motherboard didn't support my Random Access Memory (RAM) sticks which had a maximum capacity of 533 Mhz. I had to upgrade to a minimum of 677 Mhz in order to use it with my motherboard but I went ahead and bought 1033 Mhz for good measure.

Now the computer finally worked! I was overjoyed until the Widows Activation thing popped up, claiming I had changed my hardware too much and it required a reactivation of Windows. I launched my motherboard installation disc (because I had no software of the new hardware on my hard-drive). It tried to install everything until the activation thing refused to let me continue, claiming I had rebooted my computer the maximum amount of time and to top it off my motherboard disc didn't install the networking software so my computer couldn't connect to internet in order to activate Windows. So we had to do the unthinkable: Use the telephone activation method. It worked... sort off. When I installed my GPU fucking Windows activation program claimed that I had changed my hardware too much..... again! And to top it off I cannot activate Windows over the internet because it claims that I have activated Windows the maximum amounts of times possible! What the fuck?

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