Ok, so I haven't finished the game yet but I have played it pretty far and I have also made several characters in the game. What can I say about the game then? It's a good game. One of the flaws however is how it borrows lines from other games like the line: "I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm out of bubblegum." This line was lame even when playing Duke Nukem and I read it not only once but probably three times during this game.

The best things with this game is the kind of "feel" it gives you. Unlike Fallout 3 this game actually makes you think of what would happen if the world would find itself in a state of post-apocalyptic state and how man would cope with that. It delivers this feel pretty good with the dying village of Arroyo which you're chosen to save. The world is full of opportunists that care little for your goals and only thinks of themselves. So much in fact that they're willing to lie to your face despite the consequences of doing so.

Also they don't care much for others safety and this is very plainly seen when I could travel to a city called New Reno and kill prostitutes for their money and the only ones that cared to stop me were pathetic pimps armed with basic handguns that I would wipe the street with.

The world of Fallout 2 is filled with junkies, criminals, assholes and tribals. The reality of the game is very different from the one in Fallout 3 and I can clearly see why people liked this game because what it is, makes it so good.

It's not one of the best games out there even how much I liked both the character creation and the game style. I think they could have worked on the dialogue and increased the ways of NPC interaction but it's very solid and that makes it pretty good, but that's all it is. It's not a masterpeice sadly and that's why it (only) receives a 4/6 from me.

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