You probably never heard of this game before. It's a RTS game which is focused on the Mafia. There are alot of stereotypes in this game. So sensitive gamers, beware. It isn't trying to be serious however - it's just trying to be fun and I really like this game.

You start out a game with a boss character. Which may be one of the 4 main characters in this game. You're supposed to kill the other players bosses. To your help you've got people with pistols, tommyguns, hookers with spray-cans and bouncers. You recruit these guys in "Restaurants". You also need to watch your ammo which you get from extorting gun stores and if you start killing civilians you're going to get the police on your ass and eventually even the FBI. They will with regular intervals go to your safehouse and demand that you bribe them for them to give a blind eye towards your businesses. When you feel you've got enough people to start fighting the other mobsters you can get them over to other parts of the map and beat the shit out of them.

You can get special units from the different mobs around the world. You can get businessmen and assassins from the Jewish mob. Snipers and bombers from the Russian mob. Super Bouncers and Bodyguards from the Afro-american mob. Ninjas and Black Widows from the Chinese mob and Thieves and Big Mamas from the Sicilian mob.

You can upgrade some of the units in this game with better weapons. You can also get children when you marry women on the street. The children grow up pretty fast and become contributing additions to your Mafia. You can for example get an enforcer which can be upgraded with two tommyguns, one in each hand. Your boss will also go up in levels when he kills cops and mobsters. When he does he will be tougher, get more money from his businesses and control more units.

Hell, I really like this game and it's sad that more people doesn't know about it. The game is basicly an old-school RTS and it is what it's supposed to be. Right now the game is pretty cheap and can be found for less than 10€.

4/6 - It's a fun game


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