Defendor is a movie about Arthur Poppington (played by Woody Harrelson) who dresses up into a superhero costume and fights crime. Unlike other superhero movies he's not "super" since he lacks any supernatural powers other than cheat gadgets and his gadgets consists mostly of marbles which he throws at enemies, angry wasps and a bat. While Arthur is very skilled at fighting (unlike other non-superhero movies), the movie still retains a realistic focus on his struggles: Meaning that he gets badly beat up during some points of the movie.

The problem the movie faces is that it's very slow paced. Clearly not focusing on the action in the movie as much as the personality of Arthur Poppington and his struggles. Problem is that Arthur is also quite slow in the head so some viewers may have trouble relating to him and his troubles. The reason for that is the motivation of Arthur. He wants to fight crime because it took a family member from him, not because he is an idealist - and thus his pursuits seems a bit selfish at least to me.

Other than the slow pace and the problem with relating to the protagonist the movie does most of it right actually and it could have been a wonderful movie if only they had taken another approach of the protagonist. Perhaps a clichéd one even. I give it 3 Kents out of 6.

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