Infestation is a movie that tells a "what if" story about a bug apocalypse happening to the world. Our protagonist Cooper is a fairly regular person without any talents whatsoever and he teams up with the daughter of his (now former) boss, a deaf muscle-mountain named Hugo and a couple of other good characters.

The film starts with loads of human shaped cocoons in an office. We see Cooper getting sucked on his chin by a The film tells the previous events from that point in flashbacks. Cooper is basically late for work one day to a job his father set him up with. When he gets to work he starts playing childish games with his coworkers and he pretty much immediately has to go to his chief who wants to fire him. Before their meeting is done they're interrupted by a high pitched sound which knocks them unconscious, and when that scene is done Cooper wakes up from his cocoon and has to fight beetle shaped bugs.

That is basically the set up of the movie. The characters in this movie are really likable because everybody shows some courage and common sense in the confusion of these events instead of being total victims in the face of a (at least) nation-wide disaster. The film isn't afraid of being both funny and serious. So this isn't a mindless parody film like you might think. The main problem with this movie would be that it's a little too short and pretty much ends on a cliffhanger. The film does a lot with the little time it has but it feels a bit inconsistent from time to time and that's why I have trouble giving it more than 4 Kents, but I definably recommend any viewer over the age of 12 to watch this as it is truly a good film.

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