Kick-Ass is yet another superhero ordinary hero movie. This one takes the serious turn however and focus on the struggle of Dave Lizewski in his quest to become a super hero. After getting beat up in the first day of the job he gets a couple of metal plates implanted in him and a worse nerve system: resulting in him being able to take more pain than regular people.

After being mugged by a couple of hoodlums in a parking lot Dave decides to put on a tight suit and start fighting crime. He meets the very same hoodlums afterwards and starts a fight where he gets beat up pretty bad and goes to the hospital where they patch him up with a couple of metal plates (yes his injuries were that great). Afterwards he helps a person who is being chased by three new thugs. This time however he's far better prepared for them with his pain-dampening implants. After defeating the thugs he gains the gratitude of the entire city but gets in trouble with the local crime syndicate.

Kick-ass is a very intelligent movie. Unlike Arthur from Defendor - Dave is actually pretty easy to relate to. He knows he's in way over his head but continues anyway and he has doubts over his abilities as a super hero during some points in the film.

The pacing is pretty brisk and the story is near flawless. It has a great ending and a great plot. The film is 133 minutes long I believe and it certainly doesn't waste the viewer's time. I give this 5 Kents as I cannot find any flaws about the film, but not 6 because I personally find that it lacks some drama and the movie seems to mostly just "touch on the surface" of what it's capable of, but it's a great movie nonetheless and I recommend it for teens and above. It has some violence and sexual scenes in it and it's not really suitable for anyone under 15 years.

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