Minotaur is a film about, what else... The Minotaur. The film does a lot of things right with the movies, explains the premise really well and the premise itself is also very appealing, but for being a thriller I do have some thoughts on it's execution.

The film starts on a village and they manage explain the premise extremely well in only 5 minutes. On the island on Minos, somewhere in the Mediterranean ocean - a mighty empire that worship the bull forces their queen to "merge" with a bull in order to manufacture a living entity of their god. The minotaur that spawned from the unholy union demands sacrifice in the form of 8 young men and women from villages in their vast empire, so the empire takes it from the villages and sacrifice it to the minotaur. We follow a chieftain's son of such a village. When we're introduced to him a couple of events have already happened before that motivates him to go to Minos. His love has been taken and sacrificed to the minotaur and he mourns her. One day a leper tells him that his love is still alive and in the underground labyrinth of Minos, where the minotaur lives. He decides to travel there in the place of one of the 8 captured youth from his village.

Right from the start we can see that the film has no problem with presenting perverse suggestions to the viewer. This is definably not a children's film, but the film doesn't overdo it either. It doesn't make you sick watching it but it leaves you with a sort of WTF soaring in your skull for a while. The film explains the premise so good that it's a breeze watching it since you understand perfectly what's going on. As far as a thriller go, I wasn't impressed by it. It didn't precisely keep me on the edge of my chair but still kept me interested in how they would resolve some of the situations. I wouldn't say this film is especially exciting as it is interesting and the perverseness of some scenes just made it more interesting for me. Also for your information - the minotaur doesn't look like a "classic" minotaur.

My father, who likes thrillers gave it a 4 out of 5 but I on the other hand prefer to be either excited, frightened or disgusted by thrillers. While it had a couple of somewhat exciting moments it never went beyond "How are they going to solve this?" kinda excitement, and that's why I feel this deserves 3 out of 6.

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