Mystery Men is a satire of superheroes. The greatest superhero ever known Captain Amazing has a dozen sponsors who sponsor his crime fighting. He has a PR-manager and his own limousine. Sadly he is a little too effective at eradicating crime in his city so he decides to free a terrifying super villain known as Casanova Frankenstein. Casanova manages to capture Cpt. Amazing and it's up to a handful of wannabe superheroes to try to rescue him!

The movie does a lot of things right. It has a great cast of interesting characters and it certainly allows for much laughter during the film as it offers some quite funny moments. The problem with the movie is that it overdoes the comedy in the film quite often. Making it seem like it entirely lack seriousness at some points. It's certainly not a laughter fest like Rat Race and trying to be that is what kinda drags it down a bit.

It's an acceptable movie that I recommend. It's the best satire of superheroes right now as far as I'm concerned but I still have trouble giving it more than a meager 3 Kents due to the comedy issues it has.

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