The Condemned's premise is kinda like Running Man in that there's a big show featuring criminals that have to fight in order to regain their freedom, but the plot is vastly different. In this film there's 10 criminals instead that get put on an island where they have to fight it out and the last one standing is the one to win.

What can I say. At the start of the film you see all these different characters, all which seems to be pretty much equal and having equal chances of winning. They're all death or life sentenced prisoners, right from the start there's not much clarity of who the protagonist and antagonist is in the film, but both of them grow out of several characters in the film. All of the criminals seem very violent and it's none of them seem especially honorable, but it turns out differently along the film. The film truly pushes it's audience with some really morally questioning drama and it wants you to sympathize with the criminals, which they actually manage to do in some cases. There's plenty of action scenes in melee (like first fights and knife fights) but they're mostly shot with the shaky cam technique which I'm personally not a big fan of.

However, I haven't seen such great action in a long time. I definitely give it 5/6 for such a great performance.

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