Zombieland is a clear favourite of mine. It's meant to be a sort of satirical film about Zombie apocalypse films. However it doesn't satirize that much in my opinion.

The film pretty much opens up with a geeky dude who talks about how to survive a zombie apocalypse while trying to escape from a couple of zombies himself. He is trying to get to the East Coast of USA I believe, as he's trying to find his family in Colombus. On his way he meets up with a badass called uhm... Tallahassee? who's sole motivation is to find candy in the apocalyptic wasteland. While searching for candy they come across a lady and her little sister.

The film host a couple of funny scenes and some true badassery from Woody Harrelson. I don't want to spoil too much but believe me, this is a good movie! 4 Kents!

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