Dungeons is a strategy game. You probably already know it has Kalypso as a dev or pub, so why bother? It's bad.

Story - What's this all about?

The story in this game is ridiculously simple and not in a good way. You, the evil lord of darkness is betrayed by your 'girlfriend' and has to work your way down the ladder to become the big bad again. That's the entire synopsis folks. It's so simple that I can sum it up in a single sentence.

Gameplay - How does it play?

Dungeons play kind of like Dungeon Keeper or Evil Genius. You build out your lair, from the heart and expand it as it pleases you. The objective of the maps is to clutter the dungeon with useless furnishings and decorations like you're preparing for Halloween. The heroes (your enemies) follow these decorations in hopes of finding treasure, almost ignoring the dark recesses of the rest of your dungeon. So why are you doing it? Well you're after a specific resource that only fun/joy or happiness can generate. So you entertain these heroes by putting chests of gold that they can plunder and extremely weak minions that they can slaughter, just for their amusement... do you understand why this doesn't work? Anyway, once you do that you have to go down to them with your avatar and beat the living shells out of them so that your imps can haul them to a jail cell where they rot and give you fun.
    Does this sound familiar? I think it sounds a lot like a Tycoon game, but don't get me wrong. I love all of the Tycoon games I've played which is mostly limited to Open TTD and Jurassic Park Tycoon on my PS2, but this isn't supposed to be a tycoon game and even with tycoon games, the guys that you serve actually give the money to you. Here you forcefully imprison them and steal their fun from them... which turns out is really difficult to argue against.
    Okay, I digress. It's difficult to argue of why this isn't working at all and I suppose that it is because this game is both visually and strategically like Dungeon Keeper ie. statically it feels like Dungeon Keeper, but it plays like a Tycoon game. Yet, it doesn't work and why's that? Well for one; the heroes are incredibly easy to please and the game doesn't introduce that many new challenges or items later in the game for you. Which means that every time you boot up this game, you get to play it over and over and over again - and considering it's not much to beig

Conclusion - So what should we think?

You should stay away from this game. It's not even the concept that is terribly bad, but there's not much replayability in this game. The sandbox mode is boring and most of the levels are ugly. The game itself feels static and uninspiried. Yes I know it's supposed to be satire but satire works best in games when the gameplay is dynamic. In fact; many games work best when the gameplay is dynamic. There are no challenge in Dungeons, no story in Dungeons and no Gameplay in Dungeons. I give this game a 1, Bad as can be.

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