A long time ago I bought a 5,1 surround system. The speakers on it broke and I bought another 5,1 system.

That's what I've got now. For the most part I haven't been able to use it because the rooms I've lived in have lacked the proper dimensions and things like that. Fairly recently I moved into a better room where I could actually utilize my surround system - but guess what, I cannot use it. Because it's too loud, oh I'm not speaking about my speaker oh no I'm speaking of the horrible subwoofer and no matter what I do I cannot shut it off!

The problem is really that I have a bedroom beside my current computer room and that makes the resident in that bedroom kinda pissed. Before I had two bedrooms below me so I made them pissed back then too. Long story short: I ended up not using my surround system and now that I can actually set up all 5 speakers and the subwoofer it turns out that the audio quality is no better than a simple 2 speaker setup. I've had headphones that had better quality than the 5,1. Sure it's supposed to be surround headphones but still.

Bottom line: 5,1 sucks ass 'cause the poor quality sound and the difficulty of finding a proper room for it.

 (-1/6) - Bane to human existence.

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