SWAT 4 is a semi-realistic FPS where you control a 4-man squad of NPCs through a series of missions. You choose their gear, entry point and head in towards the well-armed suspects.

It's a good game. (4/6)

I was first introduced to the SWAT series through SWAT 2, an old 2D strategy game. I didn't buy it - but I did buy SWAT 3 - Close Quarters which was one of those First Person Shooters. SWAT 3 was a really hard game with unpredictable suspects, aggressive civilians and untrustworthy team members but it was still very entertaining. Now, for some reason it wont work on my Windows XP so I later bought SWAT 4. SWAT 4 isn't nearly as hard and is basicly "SWAT 3 - Light" with some major improvements. Most noticeably in the graphics but also how you control your team. Thankfully they got rid of that horrible trust system that was in SWAT 3. Now I don't remember how capable they were in SWAT 3 but in SWAT 4 they're not police material, let alone SWAT material.

What really destroyed my view on SWAT 4 was the awesome Let's Play videos made by Noah Antwiler or SpoonyOne, where he would criticise the AI of the game... among other things. Was the game as bad as he made it out to be? Yes, sometimes but not always. The game had it's moments and especially so when playing on it's amazing CO-OP feature with your friends. The game is still played to this day. Possibly because of it's realistic design of lethal force.

Other than that the game isn't that praiseworthy. It sure wasn't an Average Game where you can take two thousand bullet wounds and still survive (you'd be lucky to survive even one shot). This FPS was very unique and a decent title. I feel hard pressed to award it a (3/6) because of it's flaws but it's assets speak of a (4/6). In the end the game's assets outweigh it's flaws and it receives a whopping of (4/6).

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