This is a list of the upcoming dishes I will make at some point. They will probably be made in order and not long from now since I really like to bake sweets.

First of all I'm going to make another cake. A rolled cake as I believe it is called. It shouldn't be hard at all. I've done it before around 5-6 years ago and I saw it on television not long ago so I will probably make the tastiest rolled cake ever.

Second on my list is Oat balls/Coco balls. I've done it several times in the past and once again I'm going to try and make the absolute highest quality of them.

Also I'd like to make Oat cookies and Finnish Sticks at some point. The later being a cookie made with butter dough and two types of almond (depending on the recipe). In addition to that I really want to try and make an American caramel apple stick once and possibly make a real cake from scratch. Probably something French. And hopefully I'll be able to make something extremely difficult as well! I'm all ear for suggestions since all I've done so far (except possibly the Vacume Cleaners) have been extremely easy to do.

But it will probably have to wait a while until I do all of these sweets though but the two at the top of the list will be made in the week I believe.

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