And here's one of my real failures. Normally I do a lot of mistakes when baking but what I did here was very bad.
There were a couple of problems I had when making it. Firstly was that I used far too much arrack aroma in the filling. Secondly I couldn't get a good elastic property to the marzipan. Thirdly I had far too much filling into these things which I didn't realize until I was in the middle of fiddling with it. Fourthly I had far too much water in my chocolate dipping so it became just like Oboy.

Thankfully I managed to salvange it by cooking the chocolate and making sure to whip it enough. The result of the chocolate became pretty good if I may say so myself. Also I could probably have done it better. I will definatley go back to this one day but it was very expensive to make this though.

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